• Vision Statement

    El Diamante High School will provide all students an education that affords them limitless opportunities for their future.


    Mission Statement/School-wide Learning Objectives (SLOs)

    El Diamante High School will develop students who display these five important traits:


    Critical Thinking

    • Exhibits self-discipline and self-correction
    • Engages in relevant, logical, and fair thinking



    • Focuses on shared outcomes
    • Leverages team members’ strengths
    • Listens actively and values diverse thinking
    • Shares responsibility but holds self and others accountable



    • Attends to audience and purpose
    • Uses multiple presentation formats effectively
    • Demonstrates clarity and accuracy
    • Responds positively to thoughts and ideas of others



    • Seeks new approaches to problems
    • Accepts failure as part of the innovation process



    • Makes ethical choices
    • Shows concern for the greater good
    • Contributes as a member of the community
    • Acts in an informed and law abiding manner
    • Celebrates the success of others