• Early Childhood Ed

    Visalia Unified Early Childhood Education Programs exist to provide students with opportunities and experiences that develop confidence,curiosity and a love for learning. We work collaboratively with families to support the growth and development of students in a positive, safe and nurturing environment. 

    For information please call (559) 730-7564 or email preschool@vusd.org

    VUSD Preschools
    Preschool classes are available for your child at the following VUSD schools:

    • Annie R. Mitchell
    • Crestwood
    • Crowley
    • Four Creeks
    • Global Learning Charter
    • Goshen
    • Highland
    • Houston
    • Ivanhoe
    • Manuel F. Hernandez
    • Mineral King
    • Royal Oaks
    • Visalia Adult School
    • Washington
    • Willow Glen

    Enrollment Requirements
    In order to enroll your child in any of our preschool programs, we require immunizations according to California state standards for all enrolling students. Please view these requirements by reading the requirements on the side of this page. In addition to receiving the proper immunizations, please bring the required documentation below:

    • Proof of current physical exam performed by a medical doctor
    • Birth certificate
    • Proof of residence

    Income Eligibility
    Income scale is used as a guideline only. Families of all income amounts are encouraged to apply. (La escala de ingreso se usa solamente como una guía. Las familias de todas las cantidades de ingresos se les anima a aplicar.)

    Monthly Income 
    Yearly Income 
    1 – 2 $4,173 $50,077
    3 $4,502 $54,027
    4 $5,256 $63,083
    5 $6,098 $73,177
    6 $6,939 $83,270
    7 $7,096 $85,163
    8 $7,254 $87,055
    9 $7,412 $88,948



    Amy Sullivan
    Chris Brillhart
    Preschool Clerk
    Lisa Salazar
    Preschool Technician
    Margaret McLain
    ECE Lead
    Priscilla Francisco
    Preschool Program Secretary


  • Preschool Enrollment

    Click Here for 2019 Enrollment Schedule, Locations and Information!

    Enrollment Requiments

    Required documentation for all preschools

    • A current physical (may use our form (see Forms tab) or provide a full completed printout from your Dr. Office or Clinic.
    • Proof of Birth (Baptismal Certificates, tribal records,birth certificates,records of foster care placements for all children in the home)
    • Proof of residence (any one of the following): Gas/electric or water bill

    Required immunizations for all preschools

    • DPT Series and booster: Minimum of 4 doses
    • Polio Series and booster: Minimum of 3 doses
    • MMR: 1 dose (1st dose on or after first birthday.)
    • HIB: 1 dose after first birthday
    • HEPATITIS B: 3 doses for entrance at preschool level
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox): 1 dose or medical documentation that child has had the disease
    • TB (Mantoux) Skin Test: Documentation must show the date that the test was given AND read indicating the results any time prior to entering preschool.  

    For all preschool programs

    • One months’ worth of check stubs for parents who are working. Example if paid weekly you will provide 4 check stubs. These stubs are necessary to determine eligibility in the Preschool Program.
    • If income is in the form of public assistance a three page printout from the Tulare Works office.
    • If you receive child support you will provide the monthly statement or print out from child support office.
    • If you receive any type of Social Security you will need a current month printout.
    • Any other sources of income current documetation must be provided.

    First Five Ivanhoe (must be a resident of Ivanhoe)

    • A Current Physical, Immunizations and T.B. Test
    • Birth Certificate for child who is enrolling
    • Proof of residence (any one of the following): Gas/electric or water bill