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    El Diamante High School
    5100 W Whitendale
    Visalia, CA 93277
    Principal: Jeff Hohne

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    Academy Introduction


    The  El Diamante High School Media Arts Academy is a pathway for students to experience high school in a new, different and innovative form.  The academy will engage students in a wide variety of new media, including film production; graphic design; prop, costume and make-up design; broadcast TV production, photography and image manipulation and acting/dramatic performance.  Along with this specialized content, students will receive additional resources and instruction in the core classes of  English and Math, specifically tailored to the goals of the academy.  Therefore, students will be receiving comprehensive and integrated training in the media arts, giving them a unique high school experience. The MA Academy has also been designed to be rigorous and challenging, both academically and creatively.  This four-year intensive academy will bring together all aspects of technical knowledge and creatively culminating in a senior feature-length film project.   This project will incorporate screenwriting, special effects, production, financing, marketing and distribution of the student made film of professional quality.  This, upon completion of the Media Arts Academy, students will be college and career ready.

    Careers in Media Arts


    MA Academy students will be prepared to enter the work force with a diverse skill set.  Our students will have acquired skills such as how to communicate, problem solve, time and project management, budget planning, promotion and advertisement, marketing, design and layout as well as being prepared for specific careers in electrical engineering, sound, lighting and video production, costume design, set design, stage make-up, prosthetic mask design, monster suit creation and many more.  Students will be shown how there are an endless number of career directions that they can follow in the film industry after completing the Media Arts Academy at El Diamante High School.




    Media Arts 1,2,3 & 4
    Introduction to Video
    Art: Costume, Set and Makeup Design
    Advanced Film Production
    Advanced Broadcast Media
    Graphic Art


    We are in partnership with Stan Winston School of Character Arts.  They are the best in the business in terms of special effects.  A partnership with them will put our students in the forefront of LA moving making.  Upon graduation, our students would receive a certificate of completion from the Stan Winston School.