VTEC High School Description








    School Vision


    The vision of VTEC High School is that students will learn best when they are engaged in high interest, meaningful, "hands on" curricular activities that are based on clear academic and technical standards.


    School  Mission

    Visalia Technical Early College High School (VTEC) provides an educational experience that supports students, both academically and emotionally, while developing their plan for the future.

    To attain this goal, our school will:

    • Focus on early college experiences and opportunities for ALL students.
    • Assist ALL students in the development of a “10 Year Plan” utilizing the “Get Focused, Stay Focused” curriculum.
    • Offer ALL students a "Hands-On" approach to learning with an emphasis on career readiness.
    • Incorporate the 6 C’s of 21st Century Learning into all aspects of the educational experience.
    • Maintain a caring and encouraging learning environment for ALL.


    Description of School


    The Visalia Technical Early College (VTEC) is a dependent charter high school of the Visalia Unified School District, and is located on the Agricultural Farm Campus of the College of the Sequoias (COS).  VTEC was created to give students an opportunity to complete the requirements for a high school diploma while pursuing an early college and career related program.  VTEC opened its doors in 2010 to its first class of fifty-five 10th grade students, and this year serves 9th-12th grades with a total enrollment of 255 students.  Students attend classes in career specific cohorts toward the veterinary science, agriculture systems technology, environmental horticulture, or food science fields.


     As an early college program, VTEC works closely with the College of the Sequoias and requires students to enroll at COS concurrently upon enrollment at VTEC.  Sophomore students are required to take a minimum of one COS course in their first year. Additional COS coursework is taken through the student’s junior and senior years specific to the career plan or certificate program the student is pursuing. The focus of the early college program was created to provide a successful transition into continuing education at the post secondary level.  VTEC students receive counseling toward the pursuit of certificate programs available from COS and are placed in a structured career pathway. Students have the opportunity to take some of the courses required for their certifications while at VTEC as articulated high school/COS courses for which they receive both Visalia Unified and COS credit. 


    Our student enrollment shows 48% socio-economically disadvantaged and 60 % of students eligible for the free and reduced lunch program.  Visalia Unified opened VTEC High School two years ago following a chartering process begun by members of the district and community, along with representatives from local industries and the College of the Sequoias, who envisioned a career focused high school that would prepare students for successful post high school transitions.  


    VTEC High School is located on the 25 acre old COS Ag Farm campus facility, located in the middle of a suburban, residential area but zoned for agricultural use by the school. The high school recently purchased the college Ag Farm campus.  The students and staff love the new facilities and it has opened up new opportunities for our school.


    VTEC has created clear curricular pathways, written into colorful graphics that define exactly what core courses and CTE offerings a student should take to provide for a path to successful completion of both a high school diploma, and work toward early college credit and career technical certifications.  The ESLRs VTEC has developed are reflective of this focused curriculum that is both tightly aligned to the state standards and intentionally designed to provide a high degree of preparation for career training and success at the post secondary level. Every VTEC student not only has access to this full program, but upon enrolling at VTEC is carefully counseled and placed into areas of interest and exploration for potential avenues of future development through use of the individual career plan (ICP). This plan will help to determine into which cohort the student will be placed as they matriculate through VTEC.  Adjustments can be made at any time following a parent/student/ counselor conference and review of the student's ICP.