New Student Enrollment Procedures

  • El Diamante Student Services

    Shana Flores, Registrar

    (559) 735-3514

    Fax:  (559) 622-3207

    Enrollments will be processed online in the order they are received; please click here to access the registration system.  You can upload supporting documents in the registration system.  We cannot enroll students without all the required documentation (see below for full list).  

    Required Documents: 

    • Proof of Residency- Current utility bill in parent's name
    • Immunization Record- Tdap (pertussis/whooping cough booster), New TB skin test if transferring from outside of Tulare County
    • Birth Certificate, Birth Record, Passport, Baptismal Record or affidavit from parent/guardian
    • Transcripts from previous school
    • Leaving grades from previous school if enrolling mid-semester
    • Copies of IEP, 504 plan and special education documents (if applicable)
    • Proof of Guardianship- If the student is living with someone other than parent.
    • Discipline and Attendance Record


    If you would like your child to be on Full Distance Learning,  please click here for more information and to access the enrollment form.