Measure G Refunding Bond Documents - Visalia Unified School District

  • On February 23, 2010, the Visalia Unified Board of Education will be asked to authorize the refinancing of the Measure G General Obligation Bonds approved by the voters in 1999.  This action would not extend the life of the bonds or increase the bond payments, but would lower the overall interest rate saving the tax payers approximately $600,000 in interest costs.

    The attached legal documents represent the purchase and sale contracts authorizing the issuance of the refunding bonds and disclosing all relevant financial and statistical data about the Visalia Unified School District.  If approved by the Board, the refunding bonds would be sold on March 18, 2010 using a competitive bid process, with closing scheduled for April 1, 2010.

    For questions or comments please call Nathan Hernandez 559-730-7534 or email

    Memorandum (PDF)

    District Resolution (PDF)

    Escrow Deposit And Trust Agreement (PDF)

    Bond Purchase Contract (PDF)

    Continuing Disclosure Certificate (PDF)

    Preliminary Official Statement (PDF)