Admin Services Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a directory of repairs and services available?
    Yes, we have a directory repair and services available.
    Click here for a complete alphabetical listing of repairs and services.
    Click here for a complete listing of repairs and services by department.

    How do I request support From Administrative Services?
    Most departments will accept requests via the Service Request Tracking System, some require the request come in this way.  Make your Administrative Services work request here.

    How do I make an appointment with Mr. Gröeber?
    You can contact Administrative Services at 559-730-7529. 

    How do I schedule agendas items and meetings in Administrative Services?
    You can contact Administrative Services at 559-730-7529.  

    How do I schedule a conference room?
    You can email or call Shellie Knight at 559-730-7529.  

    Who do I contact to book a school facility use for activities?
    Schools may book their own activities in their own facilities for school meetings and events and for groups directly sponsored by the school. Please see Facility Use Practices for Intra-District use.

    Schools who want to utilize other school site facilities need to contact Shellie Knight in Administrative Services at 559-730-7529.

    All other groups and organizations must book through Administrative Services Department.  All such booking requests must be in written format.  Please see VUSD Steps For Renting Our Facilities for outside organization. If you have any questions, please contact Shellie Knight at 559-730-7529.

    You can access the Facility Use Permit System from the Facility Use button on the Administrative Services main page, our home page, or click here.  

    Who do I contact if I want to post informational flyers on school  district facilities?
    You will need to contact Leah Martinez or Rosemary Delfino in Area Administrator 559-730-7515.  

    What is the VUSD Site Observation Checklist?
    This is a form you may fill out which provides your observed status of any of our facilities.  We appreciate this feedback and use it to improve our service.  You can access it from the Site Survey button on the Administrative Services main page or click here.

    What is the SRTS (Service Request Tracking System) and how can I submit a ticket for services on the SRTS?
    The SRTS provides a Web based method of requesting Administrative Services within the District.  Each department which takes requests for service through the SRTS has a Service Request button on their department web page.  You also may click here to submit a ticket for service.