EDHS Field Trip Packet & Procedures

  • Field Trip Forms and Procedures


    *Governing Board approval is required for all field trips over 75 miles and/or overnight trips*


    Below is a PDF version of the District Field Trip Packet and a sample bed check policy as well. The first page of the packet contains a check-list and instructions for completion. *Form 6153a is required for all Field Trip packets even if board approval is not necessary.* Please complete the required forms, print (one-sided, not double-sided) and sign where necessary and turn in to Melissa Calvero in the Discpline Office. Field trip packets must be turned in 60 days prior to the event

    Transportation:  If you are needing a bus for your trip, you will need to contact the Transportation Dept. at 730-7856 to check for availability.

    Sub Requests:  Please note that if you will require a substitute for your field trip you must email Robin Berger, at the Curriculum and Instruction Department and verify that there are subs available for your date(s). The email response verifying the availability of subs must be attached to your sub request form. If no sub is required or you will be covered on site, there is a seperate form for that. One of the 2 forms will need to be attached and completed with your packet.

    Student List:  If students will miss instructional time, you must submit a student list 2 weeks prior to your event to the attendance office. On the day of the event, you must notify the attendance office if any students on the list are absent.

    Required forms are listed on the first page of the packet, "EDHS Field Trip Packet Check List".  If you have any questions, contact Melissa Calvero


    Field Trip Approval Process:

    • Submit completed field trip packet to Melissa Calvero in the Discipline Office 60 days in advance (responsibility of teacher/advisor)
    • The field trip will then be presented for ADMIN approval at the weekly FOX meeting
    • Teacher is then notified if the field trip was approved or denied
    • Paperwork is then mailed off to the proper departments 
    • Submitted to Governing Board* (if necessary)
    • Governing Board approval/denial* (if necessary)
    • Notification to teacher/advisor of board approval/denial*