• What is HOBY?

    Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) is the nation’s foremost youth leadership development organization. Selected students attend a three and a half day seminar and participate in hands-on leadership activities, meet leaders in their state, and explore their own personal leadership skills while learning how to lead others and make a positive impact in their community.  For more information, please visit the website at www.hoby.org.

     What is the selection process?

    Students who are nominated by staff and self-nominated will be asked to submit an application packet.  The packet will include the following:

    • HOBY registration worksheet
    • Student activity grid – must be typed (please access the form below)

    Students who complete the packet and turn it in to Mrs. McIntosh by Wednesday, October 24, 2018 will be offered an interview.  The interview will be held in early November.  The committee will select the students who will attend the seminar and one alternate.  The students who are chosen will have an additional online application they must complete on the HOBY website.


    Students will be required to find and fund their own transportation to and from the conference, which will be held in June.  The conference is typically a 3.5-day, 3-night seminar. In the past, students arrived at the seminar on a Thursday afternoon and left Sunday afternoon.  Students are welcome to carpool with other students who are attending the conference.

     Important information

    Students who submit applications must to commit to attending the conference.  We are only able to send a limited number of students and we need to be sure that the students chosen will make it a priority to attend this conference.  Please be aware that this conference may conflict with summer school. You may be excused your from summer school if you are attending this conference as long as you make arrangements in advance.  Please see the summer school principal to make arrangements, if necessary.