Registration Video

  • This video will provide you with an outline of graduation and a-g requirements as well as an explanation of the Golden West registration process for this year.

Registration Dates

  • Date Event Grade level
    January 24 Presentation in English classes Sophomores to be Juniors
    January 29 - February 1 Registration in library Sophomores to be Juniors
    February 6 Presentation in English classes Freshmen to be Sophomores
    February 12 - 15 Registration in library Freshmen to be Sophomores
    February 27 Presentation in English classes Juniors to be Seniors
    March 6 - 11 Registration in library Juniors to be Seniors
    February 28 8th grade visit to GW 8th to be Freshmen
    February 28 8th grade parent night 8th to be Freshmen
    March 13 - 15 Registration in VOMS library 8th to be Freshmen
    March 20 Registration at Ivanhoe Elem. 8th to be Freshmen