Attendance Accounting Department

  • The Mission of the Visalia Unified Attendance Accounting Department is to provide support and assistance to the school site attendance staff with attendance accounting procedures, and to further the mission of the Administrative Services Department.   

    Attendance Accounting is required to ensure that students meet compulsory attendance laws.  The State mandates that "All students between the ages of six and eighteen are required to be enrolled in school."  The District is responsible for the whereabouts of students enrolled in the district.

    Student attendance is very important as it generates approximately 70% of the district revenues.  In addition average daily attendance (ADA) serves as the basis for site based allocations.  Maintaining accurate, reliable, and auditable attendance records is, therefore, critical to the district.

    The estimated annual state funding per student for 2018-2019 is $10,108.60 or $56.16 per day of attendance.

    Current Student Enrollment:  K-12  28,879

    Contact Information:

    nathan hernandez

    Nathan Hernandez
    Chief Financial Officer, Business Services
    (559) 730-7532


    Sonia Muniz
    Attendance Accounting Technician
    (559) 730-7574

    g flores Gabriela Flores
    Accounting Support Technician
    (559) 730-7447

    Department fax: (559) 730-7858