Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I look-up a budget amount?
    See the following document for step-by-step instruction on how to look up a budget amount in BIS/QSS (traditional) or in QCC (windows version).

    Who do I call if I have a budget related question?
    See the Services page for a listing of Analysts and their assignments.

    What can I spend State Lottery funds on?
    State Lottery funds are discretionary funds given to the school sites based on prior year ADA (P-1).  These funds are intended to be used for supplemental and nonrecurring expenditures which support educational programs and activities (BP 3220.1).  Most Lottery funds are spent on materials and supplies to supplement instructors or individual departments, printing costs, substitute or hourly salaries and benefits.  Lottery funds can not be spent on contracted salaries or other items not authorized by the District (i.e. gift cards or flowers).

    What is Gift of Public Funds?
    Please refer to Tulare County Counsel School Team "School District May Not Make Gifts of Public Funds" June 27, 2006