• Budget staff are primarily responsible for:

    • Assisting departments with the development of their annual budgets
    • Revising the budget based on changes in the educational needs of the sites and programs
    • Monitoring revenues and expenditures to compare actual amounts with estimates
    • Making recommendations and changes based on actual revenues and expenditures
    • Monitoring changes in the State budget process
    • Providing Interim Financial Reports to the Board and oversight agencies
    • Ensuring program and site budgets stay within their allocation
    • Click on the Assignments links below to see the complete listing of the resources and programs assigned to each of the individuals below.

    Clarise Dilbeck        730-7643
    Budget Manager - Coordination of Analyst assignments, preparation of the District budget document.

    Adelle Martinez       730-7369
    Administrative Services Analyst - All other funds (Adult Ed, Cafeteria, Deferred Maintenance, Developer Fees, Self Insurance, etc.), MAA, Carl Perkins, Indian Education, Medi-Cal, Transportation, Migrant Ed, GATE, TCOVE.

    Lisa Garcia               730-7543
    Administrative Services Analyst - All General Fund categorical programs (Program Improvement Grant, Title II Teacher Quality, Title III (Immigrant Ed. Program as well as Language Learners Program), ELAP, School Safety, TUPE, Drug Free, HPSG, PAR, BTSA, TIIG, Enhancing Educ Through Technology, Tobacco Prevention, Economic Impact Aid, School Improvement and First Five.

    Lindsey Peyton
    Administrative Services Analyst - Unrestricted General Fund programs (Lottery, Regular education salaries, CSR), District cash flow forecasting and Mandated Cost claims.


    See below for a complete listing of resources and programs assigned to each of the individuals above.