finance title

    As part of Visalia Unified School District's Business Services Department, Finance manages all aspects of the District's financial operations including general accounting, internal control, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and retirement reporting. Accounting is responsible for paying District invoices, employee reimbursements, collecting and depositing cash receipts, monitoring student activity funds, and reconciling the District's bank accounts. Accounts Receivable is responsible for maintaining records of all monies owed to the District and sending out monthly invoices.

    Our sections is comprised of 14 full time staff members, all of whom work year round calendars. We are here to provide service to all employees and outside vendors.

    In FY 2019-20 the Finance Department issued the following:

    -8,719 Accounts Payable Warrants

    -433 1099's


    Contact Information:      
    Nathan Hernandez

    Nathan Hernandez

    Chief Business Officer

      (559) 730-7532


    Kyla Johnson

    Kyla Johnson

    Finance Director

      (559) 730-7534


    Diana Delgado

    Diana Delgado

    Accounting Lead

      (559) 730-7533


    Vendor Name Begins With

    Karina Vargas

    Karina Vasgas

    Account Clerk II


    (559) 735-8094

     Phillip Delgado

    Phillip Delgado

    Account Clerk II

    City of Visalia

    (559) 730-7537

    Cindy Pena

    Account Clerk II

    (No Office Depot)

    (559) 730-7862


     Maureene Lee

    Account Clerk II

    Office Depot, So Cal Gas
    & Nutricional Services

    (559) 749-0103
     Veronica Hill


    Veronica Hill

    Account Clerk II

    Accounts Receivables  (559) 730-7561

    Abbey Hulbert

    Banking Clerk

      (559) 730-7511