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  • Current El Diamante Students and 2021 EDHS Graduates may request an official transcript here.  Official transcripts will be prepared and mailed within 5 working days.  Students that graduated in 2020 or prior, please see the graduated students link below.

    CLASS OF 2022 - FINAL TRANSCRIPT REQUESTS - Class of 2022 ONLY - Use this form to request your final transcript be sent to the college/university that you have ACCEPTED for Fall, 2022.  Only 1 response is allowed - do not request until you have committed to the school you will be attending Fall, 2022.  The deadline to request your final transcript is June 10, 2022.  FINAL transcripts will be sent out the week of June 13, 2022, once transcripts have been updated with Semester 2 grades.  *Please Note*  Each college/university has their own processing times, please check with your school regarding their processing times for transcripts. 

    GRADUATED STUDENTS - Official transcripts can be requested from the District Office.  Please call 559-730-7580 or click here to request a transcript.



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    Kyle Yanes, Assistant Principal
    Registrar: Michele Marsh