Public Records Act Request

  • Public Records Act Request
    Visalia Unified School District(VUSD) takes its responsibility as guardians of the public's information seriously, and make every effort to respond to all Public Records Act Request(PRAR) within the limits of the California Public Records Act (Gov. Code §§ 6250, et seq.).
    Upon receiving a PRAR, VUSD will issue a response (within 10 days from receipt) determining whether the request, in whole or in part, seeks copies of disposable public records in the possession of VUSD and the reasons therefor. 
    Helpful Information and Resources:
    Written request can be mailed to:
    ATTN: Axel Kondoh, Internal Auditor
    5000 W. Cypress Ave.
    Visalia, CA 93277
    Request(s) can also be emailed to
    VUSD Representative for Public Records Act Request: 
    Axel Kondoh, Internal Auditor
    Phone: (559) 749-0702
    Certified Payroll Records Request
    Certified payroll records are not sent to Visalia Unified School District.  The Contractors send/submit these records directly to the Department of Industrial Relations
    Most certified payroll records can be viewed online through the eCPR Search within the Department of Industrial Relations webpage.