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    Posted by Susan Youngs on 10/5/2020

         College of the Sequoias

    Instructions for Registering for COS Classes

    Spring Registration OPENS for Concurrent High School Students on December 6th, 2021.
    You must follow the steps below to be ready to register.*

    1. APPLY : (Only if you did not take a Fall 2021 COS course).
    a. Log into your account using your school gmail account.
    b. Hover over College and click on the CA Community Colleges Application
    c. Search for College of the Sequoias and Launch
    d. You will first create a CCCapply account and then it will take you to the COS application.
    Make sure to select “Enrolling in High School and College at the same time.”
    e. You will receive a confirmation email from COS, which will provide your Banner Id and COS
    email account information. It is important to read these emails carefully.

    2. PERMISSION FORMS: Due by November 3rd to COS
    a. Read and complete the Concurrent High School Student Permission Form with all required
    signatures and list all of the courses you would like permission to take. Please refer to the
    important Information section on the form.
    b. Complete the Course PreRequisite Override Petition if you are planning to enroll in a Math,
    English, Chemistry or Foreign Language course (if required).
    c. Submit a completed and signed Concurrent High School Permission Form to your
    d. Once you get your Counselor’s signature, email the completed and signed forms to the COS
    Admissions Office at . (COS prefers that all forms are sent
    in by November 3rd.)

    3. REGISTER for a course through your COS Banner Web on December 6th
    a. You are responsible for searching for the CRN for the course you want to register for and
    have it ready for registration
    b. Review the registration guide prior to registering
    c. Students are responsible for registering for their COS courses and purchasing required
    textbooks and materials.
    d. Once you are registered, please send your counselor a screenshot of your Schedule of
    Classes found on your Banner Web account.

    **After completing a COS course, please request an official COS transcript on your Banner Web and
    request it be emailed to your counselor.

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