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  • Every effort is made to satisfy student course requests. Please be mindful that there is no guarantee of enrollment into all selected courses. Placements in core academic classes and/or academic support classes are based on multiple measures. 

    The purpose of program planning site is to assist EDHS students in effectively planning for your educational future.  In this site, students will find descriptions of courses, graduation requirements, college entrance information, and a list of support services available to promote personal and academic success of students. The courses have been designed to meet the needs of the college-bound student, the career-prep student, and the student who plans to enter the workforce immediately after graduation.

    Graduation from Visalia Unified School District high schools requires 220 units of specified courses and electives.

    Students, please discuss your plans with your parents, and work with your learning director so that your personal educational goals can be met. Your high school education will have an important effect on your adult life.  Make wise choices about educational and career goals and then link those goals to specific courses with the help of your parents and learning director is the cornerstone of a successful high school career. 

    We hope that students and parents will study this program planning guide carefully.  If you have any questions regarding this site, please contact the Student Services office at 559-735-3509.

College and Career Prepared

  •                                                                 College and Career Prepared

    College or career readiness means completing rigorous coursework, passing challenging exams, or receiving a state seal. The following measures are approved as indicating college or career readiness:

    • Career Technical Education Pathway Completion
    • Grade 11 Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments in ELA and mathematics
    • Advanced Placement Exams
    • International Baccalaureate Exams
    • College Credit Course (formerly called Dual Enrollment)
    • a–g Completion
    • State Seal of Biliteracy
    • Military Science/Leadership

    Students at El Diamante High School who have achieved College and Career Readiness Prepared will be awarded with a green and silver cord on the evening of their graduation. To ensure your student is on track for this recognition, please contact your Learning Director. More information regarding the CCI is provided in the California School Dashboard Technical Guide, which is posted on the CDE California School Dashboard and System of Support web page at California School Dashboard and System of Support.


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