Cultural Proficiency Advisory Council

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  • The Cultural Proficiency Advisory Council is inclusive of parents, students, and staff that participate in site and district level Equity meetings. Originally formed in 2019 as the District Equity Team the Cultural Proficiency Advisory Council's primary mission is to facilitate systemic change that helps to close gaps in student outcomes and increases learning outcomes for all students by engaging in ongoing dialogue and reflection to ensure an inclusive environment, where students, staff and the community value diversity. Its further purpose is to help form and review policies, practices, and procedures that assure non-discriminatory and equitable practices in all operational areas of the Visalia Unified School District. These groups, which by 2024 will be at every school site, assist in the formation and review of culturally proficient practices that provide equity and access for students and adults. Each school highlights via a website five focus areas each year. Direct links are available below. For additional information, please contact your school site Principal or the Administrator of Equity & Student Services.

    “Culture involves more than ethnic and racial groups. It includes all shared characteristics of human description, including age, gender, geography, ancestry, language, history, sexual orientation, faith, socioeconomic, and physical ability as well as occupation and affiliations.”

  • FOCUS 1:

    Quality Education & Training  

         1. Staff Professional Development - Cultural Proficiency / Cultural Responsive Teaching / Opening Doors / Trauma-Informed Practices / Youth Mental Health First Aide

         2. Student Civility Training


    FOCUS 2:

    Tiered System and Supports

         3. Student Intervention & Support System (SSIS)

         4. Social-Emotional Learning

         5. Comprehensive Restorative Discipline Practices

         6. EL RISE

         7. CVNIC

    FOCUS 3:

    Family & Community Engagement

         8. Diverse Representation & Engagement

         9. Family & Community Partnerships

    FOCUS 4:

    Culture & Climate

         10. Increase participation of underrepresented groups

         11. Multicultural Experiences

         12. Acceptance & Understanding of all students

         13. Student, Staff & Parent/Guardian Voice (Student Inclusivity Council, Staff Inclusivity Council, Parent/Guardian Community Forum)

    FOCUS 5:

    Data Analysis and Action for Continous Improvement

         14. Use disaggregated data to evaluate outcomes and recognize excellence and promote growth

Integrated Equity Approach Wheel