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    Frequently Asked Questions
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    What is the BIS?
    BIS stands for Business Information Systems (BIS) it includes our primary District integrated financial system used for finance, human resources, purchasing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.  This system was developed by Quintessential School Systems (QSS).  It also includes Cafeteria Inventory, Cafeteria Accounting, and Student Body Accounting software systems.  In a broader sense, it includes all the administrative systems being supported by the Information Systems Development section which include:

          - Service Request Tracking System (SRTS)

          - Resource Time Accounting Sheet Production System   

          - Bank Account Automated Reconciliation Reporting System

    What is PAS?
    The PAS (Process Automation System) is a web browser based application that allows online access and submission of forms. The PAS  can be reached from any computer on the District Intranet.  PAS login Link: http://pas.vusd/
    For an introduction and samples to use PAS view this PAS Tutorial.

    BIS or SRTS Password Will Not Work, What Do I Do?

    Here are a few things you can check:

    1) Be sure you are using the “carriage return” next to the
    apostrophe key as the “Enter” key.
    2) Be sure you are not accidentally striking any other keys as you
    enter the password.

    If you are still having trouble and need the password reset for the BIS, enter a
    request via the SRTS using this link and the ticket number you get with
    this notice:

    For the BIS, we will contact you via SRTS reply with a temporary password and you
    will be able to re-enter a password of your own when you first login.

    Who Will Install The BIS Software For Me?
    Any Technological Services Technician can install the software needed to access our Business Information Systems.  Click here to create a ticket on the Service Request Tracking System for Technological_Service Department Support:

    Who Do I Contact For Help On Using The BIS Manager Screen?
    Contact our Budget Section for in-service or regularly scheduled training on using the Manager's Screen for budget monitoring purposes. Click here for contacts.

    Where Do I Look Up QSS Support Documents?
    The QSS Documents (This can be only accessed within EOC).  Click here to go to file://do-adm-1/DATA/Share/QSS Documents.  Please give it a few seconds to connect to the network. We will try to update with the latest documents from QSS. 

    Gui Prerequisite Software
    The links below are provided for technician support.  There is a summary installation and trouble shooting guide available for the BIS staff.  Just contact any of the analysts to get a copy.
    Where Can I Get  Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 Update?
    Where Can I Get Windows xp Service Pack 3 Update?
    Where Can I Get The Windows Installer 3.1?
    Where Can I Get The Latest Version Of Internet Explorer (Must be >v5.1)?
    Where Can I Get Windows .Net Framework 2.0?


    System Requirements for QCC





    New Purchase*



    1 GB for XP

    2GB for Vista

    4 GB

    CPU Speed

    Single 1GHZ

    Single 2GHZ, XP

    Dual Core, Vista

    Dual Core

    Operating System

    Windows 2000


    XP or Vista


    XP or Vista

    Disk Space




    Video Resolution


    1024 x 768

    1280 x 1024

    1280 x 1024









    * Contact Technology Services or Purchasing for a quote - cost is currenlty $1,126 (9/19/08).

    How Do I Use The Budget Lookup Screen?

    The Budget Section provides instructions on how to use this software to lookup budget related information and understand budgets.  View this information here.

    Budget Information Does Not Line Up, Numbers Overlap?$?*!

    Improper alignment of characters on the screen including overlapping characters and sizing problems is usually due to an improper installation or incorrect font selection.  You can attempt to reset the font and if this does not work, you will have to have the software reinstalled.  To reset the font:

    1) Open the BIS access software (WS92) and click on "Config" from the top menu bar.

    2) Click on "Font" and then scroll down under the font selection window to "WIN92" and highlight it.

    3) Click on "Okay"

    4) Click on 'Config" from the top menu bar again and click "Save".

    Note: If you have Deepfreeze installed on your workstation, you will need to get a Tech. Services technician to save the new configuration for you permantently.  Use the procedure above to set the correct font each day until it is saved permantently.

    If the WIN92 font was already selected or the procedure above does not cure the problem, then enter a ticket to Technological Services and ask them to reinstall the BIS access software for you. 

    Where Can I Get Help With Understanding Budgets & Using This Software?
    The Budget Section in our Finance Department has assembled some very useful information to help use this software.  Get it here.

    If you would like to schedule a training contact the Budgeting Department here.

    What is the SRTS?
    SRTS stands for Service Request Tracking System.  It is used to electronically submit and track requests for service to most Administrative Services Departments.  The same user ID and password used for an individual's workstation is used to login to the SRTS.  So, no special userid/password is needed to use this system.  Procedures at school sites as to who should submit various requests vary.  Check with your Principal for directions on who should submit requests for services.

    SRTS User ID or Password Will Not Work, What Do I Do?

    Here are a few things you can check:

    1) Be sure you are using the “carriage return” next to the
    apostrophe key as the “Enter” key.
    2) Be sure you are not accidentally striking any other keys as you
    enter the password.

    3) Be sure that CAPS Lock is not on unless it should be.  The SRTS userid/password is case sensitive.

    4) Be sure you are using your network userid/password.  The same one you use each morning to log into your workstation.

    If you still cannot get logged in, contact one of the staff in this section for help.

    Who Do I Contact For Help On Using The SRTS?
    Click Here for procedures on using the SRTS available on this web site.

    If you still have SRTS questions, contact someone in this section.

    You can also submit an SRTS request for assistance here.

    What Is Epylon?
    Epylon is an electronic Procurement system which is integrated with our BIS system for purchasing.  Orders may be entered into Epylon for Office Depot and other vendors and requisitions processed electronically.  Find out more about it on our Purchasing Department site.

    Who Do I Contact For Help On How To Use Epylon?

    Call the Purchasing Department at x7345 for help using Epylon or with Office Depot ordering questions.

    Epylon Password Will Not Work, What Do I Do?

    Contact the Purchasing Department at x7345 for assistance.

    What Is The Address Of The Administrative Services Web Site?

    How do I get MARAW support?
    How do I setup Page Layout to print MARAW in Excel 2007?
    Is there an Excel 2007 Training course video tutorial I can view?

    You can click here for the MARAW Support page.