Training Documents and Videos

  •  The Purchasing Department is pleased to offer a collection of instructional videos and documents designed to help successfully enter requisitions in Tyler Munis, follow them through completion and track the resulting purchase orders.

    Click [here] to access instructional handouts and videos on the following topics: 

     Requisition Entry:

    • Shop Online
    • Ordering with a Quote, Estimate of Proposal
    • Ordering with a Shopping Cart Print Out
    • Requisitions for Conference Registration
    • Open Purchase Orders for Goods
      • (Includes Word Doc with required Description box verbiage)
    • Open Purchase Orders for Services
      • (Includes Word Doc with required Description box verbiage)
    • Prepays
    • Oops! I Have an Invoice but No PO…

     Other Helpful Handouts/Videos

    • Budget Transfers   
    • Checking Work Flow
    • Finding Your Requisition
    • Purchase Order Search and Print
    • Saving a Menu Item to Favorites
    • Self Schedule Forward Approvals
    • Checking Your Open PO Balance


    Requisition Form

    Conference Attendance Form

    Open PO for Goods- Line Item Verbiage for 2021-2022

    Open PO for Services-Line Item Verbiage for 2021-2022