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    How Do I? (Procedures)

    How Do I Submit A Request For BIS Support, Get A UserID/Password, Change My Password, or Report A Staffing Change for Use of The BIS?  


    • Click on the link above for SRTS and login using your VUSD network ID and password.

           Save this link as a favorite to your “Links” folder for future use.

    • Select the “BIS_Support” queue from drop down box that says “Please Select A Queue”.
    • Click “New ticket in” button.
    • Fill out ticket with request attaching additional file with information when needed.
    • Click “Create ticket” button on lower right of window.

               You will be notified when the request is complete.

    NOTE: System access requests must be approved by the employee’s manager.  Epylon access requests must be approved by the budget manager whose budget the employee will be spending.  Be sure to give:

      • Full user legal name
      • What access is requested
      • Date needed by
      • For Epylon access – Identify approver(s) for orders
      • Anything else pertinent to request

    How do I log into BIS system?
    When you click on the BIS WS92 icon, you will get a promp like this "VUSD/BIS2:". Log on with HELLO JDOE.QSSUSER (Don't forget the period before QSSUSER). 

    Then it will ask for your password.  You will have to hit the (enter button) next to the right shift key on your keyboard to log into BIS with the menu setup for you.

    How do I use the Budget Lookup screen?
    Our Finance Department's Budget section has put together some good information on how to use this software.  Budget Lookup in QCC or Budget Lookup in QSS (Traditional).

    NOTE:  You must be on the "administrative network" to access the BIS.  This procedure will not work for instructional workstations.  If you are not sure which network you are on, contact your site technician to find out.

    Step 1: Launch the Minisoft WS92 software, then click the top menu bar on "Config".
    Step 2: Select "Comms and Network...", click on the "NS/VT" radio button, then click "OK".
    Step 3: In the field to the right of Name, input: "" and click "OK".
    Step 4: On the top menu bar click on "Config" again and then select "Save", after a few seconds the prompt should appear: "VUSD/BIS2:".

    If the above procedure does not work for you or you do not get a prompt the next time you start your workstation, please submit a ticket to your site technician via the SRTS at:


    How do I get QCC, the Windows interface, installed for BIS?
    This software is for managers and those who assist them in budget management.  We are in process of deploying this software at this time.  Your site will be contacted when it is time to install this for those who need it.  If you are not sure if you need it, please submit a ticket via the SRTS here:  

    What Are The Printer Numbers?

    204 - Budget
    205 - Accounting
    206 - Attendance
    207 - Purchasing
    208 - Classified HRD
    209 - Certificated HRD
    250 - TCOE