• Oak Grove School - Volunteer information


    Parent/family volunteers are welcome on campus, although there is a process that must be completed before parents can do so.  Please review the following items:



    Attendance at a volunteer training is a required step, and the trainings are run by Assistant Principal Megan Perch. 

    Here are our scheduled times for training so far this year:

    • Tuesday, August 23 at 5:00 PM in Oak Grove Room 106
    • Friday, September 2nd at 8:45 AM in Oak Grove Counselor's office (in Main Office)


    TB assessment and/or evaluation is required to be a volunteer.  TB testing is at the expense of the volunteer.  For evaluation, please contact our School Nurse Cyndie Coverston (see phone numbers below), or contact our VUSD Health Services at 559-730-7580.

    • Monday – Hurley Elementary (559-730-7905)
    • Tuesday – Denton Elementary (559-931-8050)

    • Wednesday - Washington Elementary (559-730-7795)

    • Thursday - Oak Grove School (599-622-3105)

    • Friday - Willow Glen School (559-730-7798)


    If you have any questions, please contact our school office.