• Business Information Systems (BIS)

     Services This Section Provides

    The BIS consists of the QSS integrated financial and human resources software and several adjunct systems including Student Body Accounting (SBA), Cafeteria Accounting (CAFEX), Cafeteria Inventory (CFINV), and Categorical Programs Accounting Timesheet Production.   BIS has primary responsibility for all aspects of supporting the BIS System.  Some important products of the BIS include: Employee Payroll Checks and Automatic Payroll Deposit (APD) Notices. Vendor and Payroll Deduction Accounts Payable Checks. Purchase Orders. Tax and Regulatory Reports mandated by law such as Employee W2s and state wage reporting. Manager Budget and Accounting Reports. Employee Position tracking and employee information tracking required by law. School Board financial and FTE reports needed for district management. Fixed Assets tracking and reporting. 

    In a broader sense, the BIS includes all the administrative systems supported by the Information Systems Development section.  Some other small systems include:

          - Resource Time Accounting Sheet Production System   

          - Bank Account Automated Reconciliation Reporting System

    Service Request Tracking System (SRTS)

    The SRTS provides a portal for accessing Administrative Services.  Where possible, an electronic form is provided for requesting department services.  This system automates the processes for work order, order approval, order notice distribution, status notification, and order processing withing departments.  Features include:

          - Web accessible anywhere on VUSD intranet

          - Easy to learn and use with most requiring no training at all

          - Users are authenticated using network userid and password

          - Logs all activity associated with a service request

    The SRTS has allowed the VUSD to reap many benefits including:

          - Improved communication between service requestors and servicing departments

          - Faster response times

          - Reduced paperwork and paper use

          - Reduced labor by requestors and service providers

          - Improved request information availability

    Process Automation System (PAS)


    The VUSD PAS is a web browser based application that allows online access to Electronic Forms. District staff accessing the PAS via a computer connected to the District Intranet will be able to select, fill out and print the forms that are made available by participating Departments. Where available, forms can be submitted online and processed according to defined work-flow. The PAS also provides a method of Distributing reports.

    Here is a samples of Duplicating Request workflow below.

    Some Features

          - Provides a central location for forms access.


          - Electronic submission provides streamlined workflow and better service.


          - Online access to status of submitted forms.


          - email notices are transmitted by the PAS to keep users informed or their submissions.


          - Accessible via browser anywhere on VUSD intranet.


          - Users are authenticated using email address and password.


    New Systems Development

    On a time available basis, this section provides services related to strategic information systems and infrastructure development.  Normally, these are no site initiated tasks but strategic projects needed for administration, instruction, or the infrastructure for both.  Current projects include development of file services using Open Source software such as Linux to replace proprietary and more costly software.  Deployment of upgrades to the BIS, QSS software to provide enhanced financial information and ad hoc reporting for site managers.  Deployment of the Service Request Tracking System (SRTS) to provide a portal for Administrative Services Division service requests, online status/support handling checking, and other online service request functions. Development of an improved Administrative Services web site for better communications and information dissemination.