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    MARAW FAQ (click here)

    “MARAW” is an acronym for Monthly Absence Report Automation Workbook.  MARAW is a Microsoft Excel workbook which has been specially designed for absence tracking at Visalia USD.  In addition to its standard setup for this work it has many programmed short cuts to help with entry and maintenance of absence information for reporting organizations.

    To learn more on why MARAW was developed and its advantages for VUSD, please view the MARAW PowerPoint presentation Benefits slide below.

    Please send any suggestions for improvements to MARAW to Al Foytek – see contact information below.

    We have added some information here on how to use Excel 2007 since it is new to many of the reporters using MARAW.  View the “Excel 2007 Tutorial Demo” video to learn about tabs and how to use them.  Specific setup information for MARAW is given below.

    For MARAW frequently asked questions, please click on the sub menu for BIS.

    Page Layout for MARAW Printing

    View tab

    • Zoom to 75% to view whole worksheet
    • Click on Page Break Preview

    Page Layout tab

    • Margin - Click on Custom Margins. Set Top, Bottom, Left, and Right to 0.5, Set Header and Footer to 0.
    • Orientation - Landscape
    • Size - Letter (8 1/2 X 11)
    • Print Area - Select your print area and click on "Set Print Area" from Print Area icon.
    • Do not use "Breaks" or "Backgrounds"
    • Print Titles - For "Rows to repeat at top", click the box to right and select the rows/columns to be repeated for each page.
    • Show the Page tab of  the Page Setup dialog box by clicking on the small arrow box to the right of Page Setup below the Page Layout tab.  Set Scaling "Fit To" Pages Wide = 1 and Pages Tall = 99.
    • Click on Print Preview and print report. Some lines may be missing on Print Preview due to Excel 2007 bug, but report printout will print all lines.

    Page Layout Setup Examples - Click here to view

    Printing MARAW Report:

    Print Buttons – There is now a print button for the absences, explanations and employee list pages.  The print function will automatically sort, do the page setup we showed you,  adjust for number of absences entered, and send the report to the printer.  Here is how to use the print buttons:

    • To print a page – click the button that says “Click Here To Print “ in upper right corner of sheet.
    • It will give you a “Print Setup” message – click OK, and wait while it sorts, counts rows, & does page/printer setup.
    • It will next give you a message asking if you want to send the report to the printer (i.e. actually print it), you have two options:
      1. Click “Yes” button to print.  It will go to your default Windows printer.
      2. Click “No” button to print later.  You might do this if you need to change printers.  Page setup is done, so you can change the Windows printer then click the printer icon on the top left of Excel’s ribbon.
      3. Next a message will let you know that it has either printed or NOT printed the report.  Click “OK” to acknowledge it…..YOU ARE DONE!

    Tips and Reminders:

    1. PLEASE DO NOT ALTER OR LOAD ANY ABSENCE INFORMATION INTO YOUR MASTER MARAW WORKBOOK,  except to update the employee listing to add someone or change hours.  You will have to delete it to use it again, costing you extra time and the possibility of damaging the master.
    2. You can delete (use “DEL” key) one or more cells which you have entered.  You cannot delete the cells which are automatically filled in – if you try, you will get an error message.
    3. ALWAYS SAVE THE MASTER WITH A NEW NAME – PRIOR TO ENTERING ANY DATA INTO IT with the exception of adding new names to the Employee List. 
    4. The file naming convention we asked you to use will cause the files to automatically sort by date, thus, making it easier to find the latest one and easier for support to help you. (See below)
    5. If you type an absence reason “Type” code such as “SL” this may be faster than doing a select from the drop down listing.
    6. THE BUSIER YOU ARE THE MORE IMPORTANT IT IS TO KEEP YOUR MARAW UPDATED DAILY!  It will help you to stay organized and on top of the leave recording task.

    File Naming Convention:  - Here is the file naming convention we want you to use:  

    Please name file with “YYYYMM-MARAW-Site” – ‘Site’ for Willow Glen Elementary School would be “WillowGlen”

    YYYY is the calendar year. 

    MM is the calendar month of report.

    Here are some examples of naming the files:

    1. August, 2009 for Willow Glen would be “200908-MARAW–WillowGlen”
    2. September, 2009 Operations II would be “200909-MARAW–OpsII”
    3. October, 2009 for Redwood High School would be “200910-MARAW-Redwood”

    If you want to add the month in text to the file name, you can.  However, please do this AFTER the year/month as with the following:

    1. August, 2009 this way for Willow Glen would be “200908-August-MARAW–WillowGlen”
    2. September, 2009 this way for Operations II would be “200909-September-MARAW–OpsII”
    3. January, 2010 this way for Valley Oak Middle School would be “201001-January-MARAW-ValleyOak”


    Excel 2007 Help

    For Excel 2007 help within the worksheet - Click on the (circle ? question mark) in top right corner of worksheet.  See picture below.

    Microsoft Excel 2007 Training On-Line:
    Excel 2007 Tutorial Video Demo

    Excel 2007 Training Courses

    Powerpoint Training Notes:

    MARAW PowerPoint Presentation

    Excel 2007 Printing Essentials PowerPoint Presentation

    All Leave & HR Related Questions:

         Contact:   Marlene Andrade, 735-8100

                       Backup Contact: Sharon Polgrean, 730-7551


    MAR Automation Workbook Related Questions:

         HR Related Questions:     Marlene Andrade, 735-8100

                                           Technical Issues: John Lo, 730-7368

                                            Mat Brletic or Al Foytek, 730-7585

                                            Submit SRTS Ticket In BIS Queue - Click Here,

                                            the SRTS will notifiy all within the BIS Department via email