• Elbow Creek HOWL Behavior Expectations Matrix














    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Be aware of your surroundings

    *Freeze at bell    and listen for                 whistle

    *Walk on the black top.


    *Leave equipment outside

    *Use a quiet voice

    *Wait your turn to use the bathroom


    *Walk in quietly in ABC order

    *Wait patiently

    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Use inside voice


    *Keep hands and feet to yourself

    *Raise your hand to speak

    *Use a quiet voice

    *Use materials appropriately


    *Keep shelves neat

    *Use a quiet voice

    *Line up in designated area

    *Wait your turn to check out books and take AR quiz


    *Enter and walk in quietly

    *Wait patiently for assistance

    *Sit silently and appropriately

    *Walk directly to your line

    *Line up orderly

    *Keep hands, feet, and property to yourself


    *Walk in quietly

    *Wait for instructions

    *Keep hands and feet to yourself


    *Be aware of others

    *Hold on to your belongings



    Be On Task

    *Follow playground rules and have fun

    *Use the bathroom/get a drink

    *Line up promptly

    *Be active


    *Take care of personal needs

    *Wash your hands with soap

    *Put paper towels in the trash


    *Enjoy your own food

    *Throw away trash, compost, and recycle

    *Clean up your area

    *Walk to the playground


    *Use full-body listening

    *Actively participate

    *Follow directions the first time


    *Use shelf markers to find a book

    *Focus on the speaker

    *Ask for help

    *Complete your work


    *Only visit office/nurse with a pass

    *Follow directions

    *Check in/out with office staff


    *Wait and listen for directions

    *Be on time

    *Be aware of your surroundings


    *Show full-body listening

    *Stay seated

    *Avoid interrupting


    *Listen and follow directions

    *Be in the right place at the right time



    Work to Achieve

    *Strive to make friends

    *Put away equipment

    *Line up quietly for your teacher

    *Be a good sport


    *Get in and get out

    *Use assigned restroom

    *Return to class quickly


    *Raise your hand for help

    *Choose at least three items

    *Use your time wisely


    *Be ready to learn

    *Always do your best to complete your work

    *Ask questions

    *Be a positive  part of your team


    *Work toward your AR goals

    *Read at your AR reading level

    *Turn in all books on time


    *Work quietly on all assignments/tasks

    *Return to class ready to learn


    *Wait in designated areas

    *Save snacks for home

    *On bus stay seated and use seatbelts 


    *Be attentive and alert

    *Celebrate the success of others


    *Go directly to your destination

    *Walk with a purpose



    Lead and be Respectful

    *Take turns

    *Stop, walk, talk

    *Eat in Snack Spot

    *Throw your       trash away


    *Respect privacy

    *Keep it clean

    *Report problems to adult


    *Use your manners

    *Respect all adults

    *Be kind to your classmates


    *Have a positive attitude

    *Treat others the way you want to be treated

    *Encourage others

    *Use kind words


    *Take care of books and equipment

    *Go to desktop/shutdown computers

    *Leave your work area neat and tidy


    *Be polite to all office staff

    *Use kind words

    *Leave area neat and tidy

    *Refrain from interrupting adults who are working


    *Use appropriate words

    *Be kind to others

    *Be a model student

    *Report problems to bus driver


    *Help others to be respectful

    *Use Coyote Clap only