Dress Code

  • Dress Code


    All schools within the Visalia Unified School District believe that students should wear clothing to school that is conducive to the learning process and reflects respect for oneself and the school. Therefore, Golden Oak School has adopted the following dress code for all students.


    1.     The principal has the discretion to limit attire if it distracts from the learning process. In addition, the principal may also make exceptions for special events.


    2.    Attire that protects the health and safety of the students.

    A.   Students should wear shoes that are appropriate for school activities. This does not include shoes with cleats, spikes or high heels. Shoes must have a back strap.

    B.    Attire which may be used as a weapon is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to chains, wallet chains, and items with spikes or studs.


    3.    Attire that does not interfere with the educational process:

    A.   Hats for sun protection are allowed but must have a 2-inch brim around the entire hat. In addition any hair apparel that can be attributed to or denote gang or group affiliation is not permitted. Head covering will be permitted with written medical reason on file from a doctor.

    B.    Sunglasses are worn only with a doctor prescription on file in the office.

    C.    We do not allow tube or halter tops, backless garments, spaghetti straps, or half-tops. Students may wear tank tops if the shirt has armholes that fit under the arm and a neck that is not scooped below the collarbone.  Straps should be about 3 fingers wide.

    D.   Shorts, skirts, and culottes must have a four inch inseam. Skirts and dresses should extend to a minimum of four inches from the top of the knee.

    E.    NO BAGGING NO SAGGING Pants and shorts must fit at the waist, hips, crotch and thighs. A belt must be worn if pants are loose around the waist. Pants and shorts are too baggy if, when the pant seams are wrapped around the front of the mid-thigh, the seams touch.


    4.    Attire should not advocate, advertise, denote or be recognized as gang activity or affiliation, have crude or vulgar printing, slogans, symbols, designs or pictures depicting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence, graffiti, sexual suggestions, or unlawful activity.


    5.    Violation of the dress code will result in one of the following: warning, notification to parents, student sent home to change clothes, or in-school suspension.