Frequently Asked Questions


    Question 1: What is the procedure for issuing a district credit card?

    Answer:  Issuing of district credit cards is approved by the site principal and appropriate area administrator.  Follow the procedures given in the VUSD Purchase Card Procedures Handbook.

    Question 2 : What is Epylon and how do I process Epylon system orders?

    Answer: Epylon is an eProcurement software system that is utilized by government agencies throughout the nation.  Epylon features electronic quoting from thousands of vendors, catalog shopping, contract purchasing and electronic requisitioning. 

    The system allows users to create an electronic requisition, check funds, and confirm a valid budget number with available funds.  The requisition is then electronically forwarded to proper approving officials outlined in the District organizational chart.  After proper approval is given, the requisition is assigned a purchase order number.  The order is then electronically sent to the vendor.

    Epylon is fully integrated with the District’s QSS Financial Software purchasing system.  Any order information processed in the Epylon system would be cross-referenced to our financial system.  Budget numbers and available funds would be verified prior to any purchase being made with a vendor.  The dollar amount of the purchase would be encumbered.  All information, including requisition number, vendor name, purchase order number, and order total would be detailed on General Ledger Budget Reports generated by our financial system. 

    To enter a new order, to add/change an existing Epylon requisition, or to reorder supplies utilizing the Epylon Order System use the following instructions.  If you have any problems, please contact Laura Delgado in the Purchasing Department.  She may be reached at district extention 7345.


    New Epylon System Order Procedures

    Adding/Changing Existing Epylon Requisition

    Reordering Supplies From Epylon Order System

    Click here to log onto Epylon


    Question 3 : Why are there deadlines for purchasing supplies?

    Answer:  Purchasing deadlines are utilized to assist in proper budget utilization.  Deadlines ensure proper receipt and payment of merchandise and services received.  Items ordered in a specific fiscal budget year, must be paid for from funds in the same fiscal year budget.

    Link to Annual Purchasing Deadline Listing


    Question 4 : What are the district's purchasing guidelines?

    Answer:  Please utilize the district's Purchasing Policies & Procedures


    Question 5 : Why does the district utilize a centralized purchasing department? Why can't I make a purchase and be reimbursed by the District?

    Answer:  Centralized purchasing procedures assist the district in meeting state/federal audit requirements.  Centralized procedures also ensure cost effective expenditures.  Purchasing staff members follow economic trends, corporate mergers and consolidations, and participate in statewide professional development training opportunities.  This allows site staff to concentrate their time on student needs and purchasing staff to support site personnel by facilitating the supply and service acquisition process.

    Also, when submitting a reimbursement, the person runs the risk of being personally liable for the purchase, as the District assumes no responsibility for purchases made without prior approval. As per the Purchasing policy, "Purchases made in the name of the District without an authorized purchase order shall be considered an obligation of the person making the purchase and not an obligation of the District".

    Purchases need to be made using a requisition with an itemized list or quote to allow for prior approvals and ensure adequate funds. 

    Question 6 : What are the proper receiving procedures when supplies are delivered to my site?

    Answer:  Purchasing and Accounting departments appreciate the timely manner in which receiving paperwork is completed and forwarded to the accounting department.  Your assistance allows vendors to be paid in a timely manner.

    Receiving Procedures

    Question 7 : Why does it cost so much for outside vendors to perform maintenance services or minor building improvements?

    Answer:  Per Labor Code 1771, all government agencies are required to pay prevailing wage rates to outside contractors to perform any work in excess of $1,000. 

    1771. Except for public works projects of one thousand dollars ($1,000) or less, not less than the general prevailing rate of per diem wages for work of a similar character in the locality in which the public work is performed, and not less than the general prevailing rate of per diem wages for holiday and overtime work fixed as provided in this chapter, shall be paid to all workers employed on public works. This section is applicable only to work performed under contract, and is not applicable to work carried out by a public agency with its own forces. This section is applicable to contracts let for maintenance work.

    Tulare County Prevailing Wage Rates

    Question 8 : Our site purchased a new copier, can I make adjustments to the settings?

    Answer:  Yes, please do! Click the link here for the Canon Quick Reference Guide.

    Question 9:  My printer has a Zoom tag on it. What does that mean?

    Answer:  Click the link here for "What you need to know about the new contract with Zoom Imaging".

    Question 10:  The lease for our Konica Copy Machine will end in a couple of months. What should I do to replace it?

    Answer:  The Optimizon team is monitoring our copy machine leases and will automatically reach out to the site when it is time to discuss replacement options. Clink the Policies and Procedures for more details on the order and installation procedure for new copier/MFDs.

    Question 11:  I have other questions regarding the policy and procedures for copying and printing. Who should I contact?

     Answer:  Please contact Jessica Villarreal, Purchasing Director, at 730-7539. Also, click the link for the Policies and Procedures


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