School Overview

  • Principal: Dr. Jesus Gonzalez


    Assistant Principal: Josette Hendrick



    School Description

    Ivanhoe School is a traditional school in a rural community of approximately 3,500 residents, located in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley. It is located in an agricultural community.  Ivanhoe School enrolls approximately 650 students plus 60 preschoolers. Ethnicities include: 90% Hispanic, 9% White, and 1% Other. 95% of students qualify for free and reduced lunches, and 60% of the students are classified as English Learners. Ivanhoe is one of 38 schools in Visalia Unified School District. Its staff is composed of 32 certificated and 23 classified staff. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every student and providing a safe and productive learning experience. The school holds high expectations for the academic and social development of all students. Curriculum planning, staff development, and assessment activities are focused on assisting students in mastering the state academic content standards, as well as increasing the overall student achievement of all subgroups.

    School Vision and Mission

    Ivanhoe School is a safe place where all children are welcomed, respected and successful. We will provide an interesting and rigorous curriculum that is challenging for students at all levels to ensure that they attain California State Standards and become productive members of society.

    School Motto

    The Ivanhoe School motto is “Respect for Self and Others”. In every interaction between students, teachers, and parents we work to see that this motto is lived every day.

    Ivanhoe School Core Values

    Ivanhoe School staff is committed to the following core values established and agreed upon in pursuit of Ivanhoe’s mission statement:

    As a member of the Ivanhoe School community we agree to the following CORE VALUES. They are our guiding principles and drive our every action and interaction:

    •    We are committed to inspire students to be self-motivated and life-long learners.

    •    We are committed to teaching the state standards and meeting our academic goals.

    •    We are committed to making sure that all students take responsibility and believe that they are capable of achieving higher standards.

    •    We believe that we are a community of learners continually working together to build excellence among staff,  students, parents, and the community.

    •    We are committed to positive attitudes and high expectations for ALL, which will lead to greater success.

    Opportunities for Parental Involvement (School Year 2022-23)

    Parent involvement and communication are essential to our school success. Ivanhoe Elementary School continually strives to involve parents by sharing information that helps parents understand and support school programs and by providing opportunities for parent participation in school activities. There are numerous and varied opportunities for parent involvement, including but not limited to, attending school functions, participating in parent-teacher conferences, volunteering in classrooms, and chaperoning field trips. Parents may also serve on advisory committees and leadership teams, including, but not limited to, the English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), School Safety Committee, and School Site Council (SSC). As well, parents have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through classes such as PIQE. Ivanhoe School also believes in the concepts of Positive Discipline and actively pursued setting the foundation for providing parent classes in Positive Discipline. The school counselor was trained as a facilitator and school governance committee members attended a district sponsored author event. Additional opportunities for parental involvement also exist at the district level.

    Parents who would like more information on how to become involved may contact Principal, Dr. Jesus Gonzalez, Assistant Principal, Josette Hendrick, or Secretary, Yvonne Bruder at (559) 730-7849.