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Google Discussion Groups

Students--Click "my groups" and use your Google username and password to see discussion groups your teacher has set-up for you.

Media Lab Rules

  • Before sitting, check computer for damage; report any problems to the librarian..

  • Use only your assigned computer.

  • Students may only use those programs specifically assigned by the Teacher or the librarian.

  • Never tamper with another student's files.

  • Only students with parent's permission may use the internet.

  • Students may only go to Web Sites directly connected to their class assignment.

  • Computer games are only allowed during AR Parties.

  • No dirty hands, liquids, food, sharp objects at or around the computers.

  • Do not touch the monitors with your fingers, pencils, pens, markers, etc.

  • Students are dismissed from the Lab by their Teacher or the librarian.  Be sure to 

    • Check area for trash

    • Close any running programs

    • Remain seated until dismissed

    • Place Chromebook in the correct slot on the cart and plug it in

    • Push your chair under the table as you leave

  • When a class is using the Computer Lab they have to be accompanied by their Teacher.

  • Students must be accompanied by an parent/guardian after school.

  • If the class using the Computer Lab is not following the rules, extremely loud, not following directions, etc., they will be asked to leave the Library.