Reading Counts Awards

  • Dear Parents,

    Mineral King 1st through 6th grade students participate in an incentive reading program called "Reading Counts" that challenges students to read more.  "Reading Counts" is highly motivating and was successful in improving the reading levels of children who participated in the program. 

    Students select from a wide variety of books from the school, classroom or public libraries.  After reading, students individually take computerized quizzes that assess how well they understood the book.  When students pass a quiz, they are awarded points based on the number of correct answers and the difficulty of the book. 

    The goal is to keep the program fun and motivating for the students.  Students will earn prizes as they meet the point goals listed below.



    Monthly Prize

    Water Bottle



    Book Reading Trophy Exclusive Reading Counts Bash (can only be earned once)
    1st Grade 5 15 25 50 75 150
    2nd Grade 10 30 50 100 150 250
    3rd Grade 15 45 100 150 225 300
    4th Grade 15 45 100 150 225 300
    5th Grade 20 60 120 200 275 350
    6th Grade 20 60 120 200 275 350