• Classroom  Behavior            Citizenship Rubric      Sent weekly. ( See Forms)

    All students are expected to stay on GREEN; however, knowing our human nature  some students will challenge the established norms.  If a student gets to the second tier (YELLOW) and he/she redirects the negative behavior, he or she has the right to go back to green.  If a student gets to RED, he /she will remain on red for the remainder of the school day.

    Negative Consequences 

    1st - A kind verbal reminder

    2nd –  Student will be isolated / island and he/she will pull his/her yellow card and  fill out a “Think Sheet”

    3rd – Student’s card moves to red. Student will lose recess time. Student will fill out a “Think Sheet”.  Also a note will be sent home/ Phone call.

    Depending on the severity of the behavior, a student’s card can be pulled directly to red and sent to the principal’s office.

          NOTE:  Your  child will lose morning recess if homework is not completed.

                               POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES

    Positive reinforcement,  class affirmations,

     homework pass for one day  --Small prices, pens, pencils, stickers, etc.