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    (Transfers Within the District)


    Students must attend their school of residence unless they have an approved Intra-district transfer.

    Lottery Application Time Lines:

    Grades 1 - 12


    December 1, 2019 - February 11, 2020

    March 3, 2020 - April 15, 2020

    Notification for all grades will be approximately May 2020

    Applications for Transfer:

    Transfer applications are available at all school sites.

    Reasons for Transfer:

    Transfers granted on space available basis only. Please complete and turn in at home school.

    Waiting List:

    If space is not available, child will be placed on a waiting list for K-6. Waiting list will be honored before any new requests are honored. Waiting list for K-6 is maintained until March of each school year. The wait list for 7-12 will be maintained until the end of September of each school year. Transfers for Middle and High Schools will be reviewed as received throughout the year on a case by case basis.

    Sibling Preference:

    In order to keep families together, there will be a preference given to requests where an older sibling will continue to be enrolled at the school being requested.

    Moving to middle/high school:

    Important notice for parents: If your child is moving on to middle school they will be expected to attend their school of residence unless they apply for and receive an intra-district transfer. Approved transfers to middle school will be valid for grades 7-12. When the student promotes to high school, the student has the option of continuing on with the normal transfer to that middle school’s receiving high school or attend the high school in the student’s home address’ attendance area. A transfer may also be submitted for the lottery to another high school.



    If your child received an intra-district transfer for the current school year, allowing him/her to attend a school other than the school of residence, you need to be aware that there are options available to you for the upcoming school year.

    1. Your child can continue to exercise his/her transfer and remain at the current school for another year.  If you want to exercise your option to keep your child in the current school, please let the staff at your school know that your child will be remaining with them.

    2. Your child can return during the first week of the new school year to the home school(school of residence) based on space availability, space must be available in order for a student to return to the school of residence.

    3. Request another intra district transfer to yet another school. If you want another intra-district transfer and want your child to attend yet another school, you must fill out and submit a transfer form by the deadlines indicated above to qualify for the lottery selection process. You may pick up a transfer request form at any school start­ing in December.

    4. Your child is completing elementary or middle school this year and will not need to maintain their current transfer. If your child is moving on to a middle school or high school next year, he/she will be expected to attend the school of residence, unless you apply for and receive an other intra-district transfer.

    Please assist the schools involved by letting them know your plans for next year. This will help with teacher staffing and insure that optimum space is available for all students, including your child, and provide the best learning environment for all. If you have any questions about this process direct those questions to Family & Community Services 559-730-7566.