Principal's Message

  • At Oak Grove Elementary School the entire staff believes that every student can be taught and every student can learn. In receiving a well rounded and fortified curriculum that includes the academic standards, performing arts, and technology applications; students will score at or above their Academic Performance Goals in all areas as measured by State and local assessments.

    All staff members share the responsibility as a team to develop students who will take ownership of their education and set goals that will challenge themselves both academically and in becoming positive and productive members of our society. Oak Grove School will ensure that opportunities for growth and enrichment are provided with the expectation students will reciprocate with positive decision making that comes from personal success and fulfillment, attendance at 100%, and the commitment to work hard and strive for more.

    Students at Oak Grove will be in a rich and diverse environment that is clean, safe, and free of distractions that could interfere with both academic risk taking and personal success at they become lifelong learners.