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Chapter 3

Place Value Through Thousandths

A decimal is a number with one or more digits to the right of th decimal point.
1 7 . 5 9 1
tens ones . 10 100 1000
Each place value to the left of another is ten times greater than the one to the right.
A period of numbers is every group of three numbers seperated by a comma but NOT after the decimal.
Standard Form, Expanded Form, Word Form and Power of 10
=three million, seven hundred sixty-nine thousand, seventy-six
Power of 10 also know as Scientific Notation
When comparing whole numbers line up the numbers by place value then from the left compare the digits.
1,463,281 1,463,281 > 1,461,575
With decimals align numbers by decimal points remember to add zeros if needed. Start comparing from the left.
4. 4.000
4.32 4.320
4.317 4.317 4 < 4.317 < 4.32 Which is the least?
When rounding whole numbers and decimals underline the place you need to round to then circle the digit to the right. When the circled digit is ³ 5 bump up and change digits to the right to zeros when it is a whole number or drop them if its a decimal. When the circled digit is <5 do not change the rounding place digit.
667,935 rounded to the nearest hundred is 668,000
6.218 rounded to the nearest hundredth is 6.22
0.972 rounded to the nearest tenth is 1.0
543.072 rounded to the nearest tens is 540 and nearest tenths is 543.07.
Ch 3 Place Value Through Thousandths Quiz Practice Place Values Convert Between Place Values Word Form for Numbers Standard and Scientific Notation
Place Value

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