Who is Mr. Garcia?

  • I graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Anthropology and have worked as an archaeologist throughout the Bay Area as well as a cultural resource manager for the National Park Service.  I have since decided that teaching is the perfect avenue to not only help students understand history but also understand themselves through the historical context.

    History means different things to different people and this site was created to help provide another means to discuss and communicate with those who feel that history is imperative within the educational system.  We are all students of history in one way or another, but how we use this information is dependent on the importance we place on the subject.

    As an archaeologist and an amateur historian, I have always felt that students need to be active in the preservation of history within their local community.  I have always practiced archaeology where my feet are standing and I have never felt the need to venture far to affect change in my local community.  There is history all over the world, but the most important history is the one that you experience on a personal and local level. 

    Teaching students about world history and U.S. history is important, but I feel that local history is just as significant.  I believe that historical preservation, especially at the local level, would allow students to better understand who they are and how they personally fit into the historical context of their community.  History should be taught in a way that makes it relevant to each student, while at the same time making connections to the larger overall historical context.