7th Grade History Class Syllabus

  • Course Syllabus:  7th Grade World History


    Text:   Impact:  California Social Studies

                World History & Geography (Medieval & Early Modern History)


    Why Study History?

    Because uninformed people make uninformed decisions, many of the world’s problems exist because people do not have an understanding of each other or the roots of the current world issues.  Learning about world history and world culture will make students understand how others lived and how the world evolved to be what it is today.  Simply, how can we live with others if we do not know anything about them?


    Description of the Course:

    We will explore history through the text.  The California State Standards will be a guide to what we have to learn and master.  Students will be engaged in a variety of learning activities:  outside class reading, group activities, teacher presentations, discussions, student-led presentations, audio-visual presentations, games, research, etc…The amount of classwork and homework varies from week to week but students are expected to complete any assignment given to them.


    Units of Study:


    Fall Semester:                                                  

    1.  Fall of the Roman Empire                                   

    2.  The Middle Ages                                                

    3.  China                                                               

    4.  Japan                                                              

    5.  Islam                                                               


    Spring Semester:                                                                            

    1.  West Africa                                                                            

    2.  The Renaissance

    3.  The Scientific Revolution

    4.  The Reformation

    5.  Age of Discovery/Exploration

    6.  The Americas – Aztec/Inca/Maya

    7.  Age of Enlightenment


    Grading Policy:

    There are six marking periods during the school year.  Passing or failing this class will be determined by the grades received on tests/projects only.  Students will get multiple opportunities to retake their standardized tests.  Each standard will be tested in different versions when retaken.  The numerical grades are as followed:


    4    = advanced                     

    3.5 = high proficient              

    3    = proficient                     

    2.5 = high basic                    

    2    = basic                           

    1    = below basic                 


    *  must have 2.30 GPA or higher to pass at semester

    *  each marking period (every 6 weeks), report cards will be given out as progress reports

    *  semester 1 = marking periods 1, 2, and 3 (continous grading)

    *  semester 2 = marking periods 4, 5, and 6 (continous grading)


    Citizenship Grades:

    Students will also receive two numerical grades based upon behavior and work ethics.  These two grades will NOT affect their GPA.  The grades are as followed:  1, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, and 4.



    1.  come to class on time with school materials

    2.  be respectful of others and their properties

    3.  be responsible for their actions and their work

    4.  no food, drinks, or gum allowed…except bottled water

    5.  raise your hand and wait upon to be called on

    6.  show HEART to one another

    7.  complete all assignments given 



    1.  parent notification and/or detention (after school, lunch, or break)

    2.  referrals to principal

    3.  Saturday School

    4.  suspensions

    5.  parent in class

    6.  Accountability Center (AC)

         - in school suspension


    Student Work:

    1.  students are to keep all their work from a unit together to create a packet

    2.  packets will be graded during each unit

    3.  students will get a grade for this (1, 2, 3, or 4) 

    4.  late work will be marked down unless excused


    Parent Involvement:

    1.  make sure students have necessary materials for school

         - binder, dividers, paper, pencils, pens, color pencils and/or markers, etc…

         - no permanent markers (Sharpies)

    2.  check their planner for homework and/or classwork

    3.  communicate with child on proper school conduct and importance of school

    4.  sign up for PIV (Parent Internet Viewer)…check grades online……

    5.  email or call teacher if there are any questions or concerns


    Student Resources:

     Student Resources