7th Grade History Report Card Standards


    Green Acres Middle School – 7th Grade World History Standards 

    (students will be tested on these standards and it will show up on report cards)


    ROMAN EMPIRE:  identify the geographic borders of the Roman Empire at its height and associated problems

    ROMAN EMPIRE:  analyze Roman citizenship, Roman law, and their disintegration as the empire fell

    ROMAN EMPIRE:  identify and explain the contributions of the Roman Empire

    MEDIEVAL EUROPE:  describe the development of feudalism as a foundation for political order

    MEDIEVAL EUROPE:  describe the importance of the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages

    MEDIEVAL EUROPE:  explain the significance of political documents of medieval Europe

    MEDIEVAL EUROPE:  summarize the causes and effects of the crusades

    MEDIEVAL JAPAN:  compare and contrast the medieval feudal societies of Japan and Europe

    MEDIEVAL CHINA:  describe the development of the imperial state and the scholar official class

    MEDIEVAL CHINA:  identify and describe the three belief systems of China

    MEDIEVAL CHINA:  trace China's exports, historical influence of Chinese discoveries, & the development of currency

    RISE OF ISLAM:   trace the origin of Islam, life teachings of Muhammad, & its connection w/ Judaism & Christianity

    WEST AFRICA:  describe the effects of Islam on the tribal beliefs, ethics, and laws of Africa

    WEST AFRICA:   identify the Niger River and explain its importance to trade.

    RENAISSANCE:  analyze the effects of Humanism on Renaissance society

    REFORMATION:  describe the political, theological, and economic ideas of the Reformation

    SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION:  explain the relationship between new scientific thought and traditional religious beliefs

    SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION:  explain the significance of the new scientific theories

    MESO-AMERICA:  explain the rise of Meso-American and Andean civilizations and their defeat by the Spanish

    AGE OF EXPLORATION: describe the voyages of discovery, route locations, & cartographic influences on the world

    ENLIGHTENMENT:  explain the central ideas of the Enlightenment and its influence on democratic thought

    ENLIGHTENMENT:  describe how democratic thoughts and institutions were influenced by Enlightenment thinkers


    R INF 1:  read closely to determine what the text says explicitly & to make logical inferences from it;

                  cite specific textual evidence when writing/speaking to support conclusions drawn from the text.

    WRIT 2:  Write informative/explanatory texts to examine and convey complex ideas and information clearly

                    and accurately through the effective selection, organization, and analysis of content.