High School Academic Support


High School Academic Support

Sarah Seymore, Director of Curriculum (ELA, ELD, Social Science)

Phil Black, Ed.D., Director of Curriculum (STEM)

Claudia Ardon-Diaz, Director of Curriculum (VAPA, PE, World Lang)

Jamon Peariso, Ed.D., Director of College and Career Readiness (CTE/CCR)

Ryan Waters, Coordinator, Secondary Curriculum 

Jim Billingsley, Coordinator, STEM

Emi Rourke, Curriculum Coach (TOSA)

Andrew Riddle, Curriculum Coach (TOSA)

Ryann Derington, Curriculum Coach (TOSA)


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High School Course Outlines

Note: We are in the process of updating all resources and insturctional materials. If you are looking for something specifically, please email or call us. Thank you for your patience! 





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