Welcome Page


    Good evening Choir Families. This Friday, October 15th, La Joya will be participating in a Fun Friday Lunch period. Our choirs will be hosting a table and selling beverages to raise money for our program. We are asking families to donate one type of beverage if you can. We are also in need of borrowing a few ice chests and bags of ice. We can not sell sodas. We would like individually Bottled water, ICE carbonated flavored waters, La Croix waters, Gatorades (small sized or regular size) lemonades, teas, Capri Sun or Koolaide pouches. We can not take 2 Liter bottles, beverages need to be individually canned or bottled. In addition to selling beverages, the Choir students are very excited to be hosting a Game. Students have been asked to help make signage for advertising the event. We will be offering a mystery prize basket and are asking for any type of small items to go into the basket like candy,snacks, small inexpensive toys (dollar tree), or gift cards. Donations may be dropped off to Ms. Kenyon, the choir director, by Thursday afternoon. Ice and ice chests can be dropped off on Friday morning. Thank you for supporting the choir students and program at La Joya! We appreciate your time and donations!