U.S. History Course Syllabus

  • Course Syllabus

    8th Grade United States History


    Course Description:  United States History focuses on people, ideas, conflict, and events from the Declaration of Independence through the Reconstruction Period.

    NEW Texbook:  McGraw Hill Education - Impact: California Social Studies

    Materials:  Must bring a binder with dividers and pencils to class every day. 

         (The school will provide a binder with dividers at the beginning of the school year.)

    Grading Scale:

    4.0 – 3.7        Advanced         Exceeds grade level standards              Passing

    3.6 – 3.0        Proficient         Meets grade level standards                  Passing

    2.9 – 2.3        Basic                 Approaching grade level standards       Not Passing

    Below 2.3       Below Basic     Does not meet grade level standards    Failing


    1.  Assessment Grade:  This grade is based on tests, written assessments, and projects.

         Rubrics will be used to show you what is expected to be proficient.

    2.  Assignment Grade:  This grade includes classwork and home work.

    3.  Behavior Grade:  You must be respectful, responsible, and prepared everyday

         for class.  This grade will show how well you do this.

    Classwork:  Classwork is to provide practice to learn the content and skills taught in class.  Completing all class work will improve performance on assessments. 

    Video Clips:  In history we often show video clips from movies so that the students can visualize the time period, events, and people we are learning about.  All clips are content related and appropriate.  Please look over the list and let us know if you have any questions.  (This is just a sampling of what we show, and is not all inclusive.)

    **The Story of US, Lewis and Clark, The Patriot, Race to Freedom, Gone with the Wind, National Treasure, Glory, Dances with Wolves, The Civil War**

    Parent Internet Viewer:  You and your parents can access your grades by getting a password from school.  It is very easy and all your grades can be viewed at anytime.  Grades will be posted regularly.

    Extra Help:  I will be available for extra help on Thursdays from 3:15 to 4:30 and by appointment.

    Expectations:  Always do your best - Be prepared to work hard - Have a good attitude

    How to be successful in history:

    1.  Follow the rules of PRIDE

         Prepared ~ Repect ~ Integrity - Determination ~ Etiquette

     2.  Every day you need to bring a binder and at least 5 pencils

     3.  Complete ALL classwork and homework to be prepared for assessments and to show what you have learned

     4.  Attendance is so important. . . if you're not here, you're not learning!  

    Additional Information:  The syllabus will go out the first week of school.  The attached page needs to be signed by you and a parent stating you both have read the syllabus.  I am also requesting your parents email to keep them informed on what we are doing in class.  Have your parents contact me anytime.  The more we keep in touch, the more successful you will be!

    Mrs. Briseno


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