Student Services

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    El Diamante High School Student Services
    Milee Vang, Assistant Principal
    Tanisha Reynolds, Administrative Assistant
    Vanessa DeRoma, Counseling Assistant
    Office: (559) 735-3509  Fax: (559) 735-3574
    Registrar: Michele Marsh (559) 735-3514
    Learning Directors:
    Steve Stahl, Learning Director
    (559) 735-3510
    Melissa Garcia, Learning Director
    (559) 735-3518
    Tim Elms, Learning Director
    Irene Davis, Learning Director
    (559) 735-3513

    Request an Appointment with your Learning Director below:
    For parents, click here 
    For students, click here 
    Please contact Ms. Vanessa DeRoma if you have questions regarding SCICON, Work Permits, Career Presentations or Military Presentations/recruiters. 

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