Junior Information

    Steve Stahl
    Class of 2020 Learning Director
    (559) 735-3511
    College Entrance Exams
    • Plan on taking the SAT exam: Planning to go to a four-year college? Register for the SAT at The College Board. The subjects the SAT covers are English and Math. 
    • Plan on taking the ACT exam:  This test is built on similar curriculum you have been introduced to.  Register online at www.ACT.org. The subject the ACT covers are English, Math and Science. 
    It is highly recommended that when you sign up for the SAT and/or the ACT, you also sign up to take the optional writing. Most colleges will require the writing component of both exams. Therefore it is in the students' best interests to register for the ACT plus writing and the SAT plus writing. The recommended time for students to take their first SAT/ACT is the Spring of their Junior year. The second time students should plan to take the college entrance exams again to improve their scores is Fall semester of their Senior year. UCs and CSUs will not take any SAT or ACT scores past December of their senior year. Colleges will take the higher of the two exam scores when considering them for admission to their college or university. 
    Keep note that UC and Private colleges will recommend at least students take one SAT Subject exam. It is up to the student and their intended major to register for the correct SAT Subject tests.
    Please contact Mr. Stahl if you have any questions regarding your junior student. 

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