Am. Lit

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    American Literature History Course Disclosure 
    Mr. Morrison, Room 619


    I am available to help students or meet with parents. I appreciate parents calling or emailing in advance to make an appointment.

    • Before school, Monday through Friday.
    • After school, Monday through Thursday.



    -          In this American Literature course students will have the opportunity to explore classic and contemporary American literature. The McDougal Littell Literature Anthology will be used for short stories and poems. Students will also read novels and plays, including but not limited to: The Crucible by Arthur Miller, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Cannery Row by John Steinbeck



    -          The objective of this class is to teach you disciplined and effective reading, writing, and speaking skills.

    -          You will be instructed in critical reading, pre-writing, writing, revising, and editing. You may be assigned to response or peer editing groups to assist you and give you the chance to assist others in producing and revising papers.



    -          Pen or pencil, notebook paper—every day!—and whatever other materials we are currently studying. I will provide paper for in-class writing assignments.



    The following rules are posted prominently in the classroom and apply to every student.

    1.      Be considerate to the teacher and to your classmates at all times.

    2.      Always participate constructively.

    3.      Be attentive.

    4.      Avoid bringing food or drinks—other than water in clear and easy to assess containers—to class.

    5.      Do work for this class in this class.

    6.      Cell phones, cameras, ear buds or headsets, and the improper use of Internet-capable devices are all inappropriate in class. They may be confiscated and other penalties may apply.


    Your academic grade is a percentage determined by dividing the number of points you earn by the total number of points possible each semester. This total can be decreased by handing work in late or by failing to hand in assigned work. Under some circumstances, this total can be raised by doing extra work assigned by the teacher. Grades are NOT rounded up.





    97-100% = A+

    93 - 96% = A
    90 - 92% = A-
    87 - 89% = B+
    83 - 86% = B
    80 - 82% = B-
    77 - 79% = C+
    73 - 76% = C
    70 - 72% = C-
    67 - 69% = D+
    63 - 66% = D
    60 - 62% = D-
    0 - 59%   = F

    • Grades are updated regularly through PowerSchool.
    • Please keep all of your assignments during the semester. If I have made a mistake in recording your scores and you have the scored work, I will gladly correct my mistake.
    • I will notify parents if your academic grade becomes unsatisfactory.