English II

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    English II Course Disclosure 

    Bryan Morrison, room 619


    I am available to help students or meet with parents. I appreciate parents contacting me in advance to make an appointment.

    • Before school, Monday through Friday.
    • After school, Monday through Thursday.


    Course Summary

    In this American Literature course, students will have the opportunity to explore literature written by contemporary writers, as well as authors from the core classic reading list. The McDougal Littell Literature Anthology will be used for short stories and other readings. Students will also be asked to read novels and plays, including but not limited to: Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird,  Julius Caesar, and Antigone.


    TEXTBOOK: Literature as assigned.



    • The objective of this class is to teach you disciplined and effective reading, writing, and speaking skills.
    • You will be instructed in critical reading, pre-writing, writing, revising, and editing. You may be assigned to response or peer editing groups to assist you and give you the chance to assist others in producing and revising papers. When used, preparation for and participation in these groups is required.
    • There is no extra credit in this course. There are some options for enhancing your grade with additional work. These enhancements are available to students who have completed all their assignments.



    • Pen or pencil, notebook paper, and whatever novel or play we are currently studying.



    -          Grades are given on a total point basis, meaning that with each assignment, the total amount of points available in the class also increases.


    The grading scale will be as follows:

    A 100%-90%

    B 89%-80%

    C 79%-70%

    D 69%-60%

    F 59% and below


    Classroom Procedures

    This course requires students to listen, read, participate and speak as instructed. In addition, students must:

    1. Be on time, in their assigned seats and prepared to work before the tardy signal.

    2. Show respect in all situations (to each other, to property, and to the teacher)

    3. Make an honest effort not to abuse bathroom privileges.

    4. Have all homework assignments completed before coming to class.

    5. Follow school rules.


    Students are advised that the following are NOT allowed in the classroom setting.

    1. Gum, food or drinks. The only exception is water.

    2. Cell phones, cameras, ear buds or headsets, and the improper use of Internet-capable devices are all inappropriate in class. They will be confiscated on sight and other penalties may apply. Cell phones should be turned off and in your backpack and the backpack or purse should be on the floor under your seat—not on your lap or on your desk top.