AP Comp Homework

  • Note to students and parents:

    We're moving to Google Classroom for the second semester. All students have been registered with the appropriate class, and all assignments are available there. Parents, if you want to know what's coming up for class- and homework, have your child log in and show you what's there. I'll still be updating this site from time to time, but a current look at assignments will available in the Classroom.

    That being said, here's what's coming for the weeks of February 8-12 and 15-19:

    Read "The Wifebeater"  (page 532) and do questions and a precis for Feb 11/12

    Rough draft of Classification and Division essay due Feb 9/10. Final draft due Feb 11/12.

    Propaganda project due Feb 23/24

    Quotes for East of Eden due on Feb 22


    Reading Schedule for East of Eden

    Ch. 1-10                           1-19/20

    Ch. 11-18                         1/25

    Ch. 19-25                         2/1

    Ch. 26-35                         2-9/10

    Ch. 36—46                        2-16/17

    Ch. 47-55                          2/22

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