Honors English I

  • Hi Parents,

    We're moving to Google Classroom for the second semester. On Friday, February 5th, all students will be registered with the appropriate class, and all assignments will available there. Parents, if you want to know what's coming up for class- and homework, have your child log in and show you what's there. I'll still be updating this site from time to time, but a current look at assignments will available in the Classroom.

    That being said, here's what we're doing in the near future:

    All Odyssey materials are due on Friday, Feb 5th. These include the following:

    1. Hero's Journey packet
    2. Journey Chart (how the Odyssey fits the Hero's Journey)
    3. Notes on the Epic (Cornell notes on the history of the Odyssey/Epic Hero/Homer from textbook)

    We'll be writing a rough draft of the Epic Hero essay on Friday Feb 5th. It will be turned in via Google Classroom. This will be graded by me, and then students will do a final revision as a process paper, due on Feb 12th.

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