Integrated Math 2

  • COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is the second of an integrated and investigative mathematics program designed to use patterns, modeling, and conjectures to build student understanding and competency in mathematics. The overarching goal of this course is to teach students how to learn math differently than they may have historically. The areas of study will include: Number and Quantity, Algebra, Functions, Modeling, Geometry, and Statistics and Probability


    -          Be Respectful to Yourself and Others

    -          Be Prepared for Class

    -          Be on Time

    Possible consequences:

    -          Loss of privileges

    -          Detention

    -          Parent contact

    -          Assistant Principal referral

    ASSIGNMENTS: Homework will be assigned daily and is due at the beginning of each period. Homework should be on your desk when the bell rings so I can come by and stamp it. All problems must be completed in order to receive full credit.  ALL work must be shown. A list of answers is not acceptable and will not receive credit.  Do NOT throw away your assignments!


    GRADING: Grades are a reflection of a student’s commitment to hard work and success on a variety of assessments.

    • Tests – 25%           
    • Homework/Classwork/HW Quiz – 15%            
    • Final – 15%            
    • Projects/Quizzes/Activities – 45%


    • 97-100% - A+
    • 94-96% - A
    • 90-93% - A-
    • 87-89% - B+
    • 84-86% - B
    • 80-83% - B-
    • 77-79% - C+
    • 74-76% - C
    • 70-73% - C-
    • 67-69% - D+
    • 64-66% - D
    • 60-63% - D-
    • <60% - F



    1. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and make up work missed due to absence.

    2. Students who are absent will be given one day to make up the assignment.

    3. Work that is not turned in on the due date must be turned in at the next scheduled class meeting.

    4. Extra credit work will not be given.

    5. Excessive absences negatively affect grades and may result in failing grades.

    6. Prior to leaving school for a school-sponsored event, (i.e. athletic competitions, band performance, etc...), students shall turn in all work due that day to the teacher.



    -          Tests can be retaken up to one time. In order to retake a test for a specific unit, a student must score 70% or higher on their homework for that particular unit.

    -          Quizzes can be retaken one time, regardless of a student’s homework score.


    TARDIES: Once the bell rings, students must be in their seat and ready to work. If that is not the case, you are considered tardy. Consequences will include:

    • 1st and 2nd  tardy: Teacher Warning
    • 3rd Tardy: Parent Contact and Student Intervention (1 Hour Detention)
    • 4th Tardy: 1 Hour Detention
    • 5th Tardy:  Saturday School
    • 6th Tardy and beyond: Assistant Principal Intervention and revocation of school privileges (additional disciplinary action may apply


    CHEATING:  The students of El Diamante High School are expected to demonstrate the belief that personal integrity is basic to all solid achievement and that it is the responsibility of the school to maintain a climate in which honesty is expected and valued. Cheating is an obstacle to achieving this goal. With regard to schoolwork, cheating is defined as obtaining or providing any help on an assignment or test where the intent was that the student completes the assignment or test by himself/herself.


    CELL PHONE POLICY: Cell phones should be put away and turned off during class time unless told differently by Mr. Riddle.