Math 1

  • Welcome to Mr. Sheaff's Math 1 Page.  Here you will find information about the course as well as resources and homework assignments.

    Integrated Math 1 Explained

    This program is designed to prepare students for success in college, in careers, and in daily life. It helps students develop the ability to explore and solve mathematical problems, think critically, work cooperatively with others, and communicate ideas clearly.

    Students will learn more with integrated mathematics because the mathematical topics are integrated. In the first year of this three year program students will review Algebra I topics and begin a study of Geometry. The essential topics include logical reasoning, measurement, probability, statistics, discrete mathematics and functions are interwoven throughout the course. The topics are spiraled throughout the course, so that students continually build on what they have previously learned.

    Integrated mathematics develops a clear understanding of topics and strong problem solving skills by helping students get actively involved in learning, studying meaningful mathematics, to see connections among different branches of mathematics, and by trying a wide variety of types of problems, including real-world applications and long-term projects.

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