INtegrated Math 2

  • Integrated Math 2

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is the second of an integrated and investigative mathematics program designed to use patterns, modeling, and conjectures to build student understanding and competency in mathematics. There will be 10 units of study in this course. They are as follows:


    Fall Semester

    Spring Semester (Tentitive)

    Unit 1 – Probability

    Unit 6 – Polynomials & Volume

    Unit 2 – Proofs with Angles and Parallel Lines

    Unit 7 - Quadratics

    Unit 3 – Proofs with Triangles and Quadrilaterals

    Unit 8 - Circles

    Unit 4 – Similarity


    Unit 5 – Right Triangles and Trigonometry









    ·   Persist through problems.

    ·   Don’t give up!

    ·   Do your own work.

    ·   Tell the truth.

    ·   Try! Even if you might get it wrong.

    ·   Stand up for others

    ·   Be respectful to yourself and others.

    ·   The Golden Rule!


    GRADING: Grades are a reflection of a student’s commitment to hard work and success on a variety of assessments. Quality is more important than quantity.

    Tests/Final - 35%                                                                  Quiz – 40%                                         Homework/classwork  25%                                                                             

    HOMEWORK: The majority of our homework will be completed online using a program called ALEKS.

    • Homework is assigned in order to prepare your for upcoming quizzes or test. (Roughly 1-3 assignments per week)
    • Assignments are due at midnight the night before each quiz or test.
    • You’re able to attempt the homework as many times as you want within the window that the assignment is open.
    • You only retry the problems that you missed.
    • If you are absent on the day that the homework is assigned, you are still liable to do the homework. You must at least attempt it to show me you are trying. If you are still confused and need an extension, you may talk to me.
    • All worksheets are due the next class period.



    1. It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and make up work missed due to absence.
    2. Students who are absent will be given one class period to make up the missing class assignment.
    3. Work that is not turned in on the due date may be turned in late but will not receive full credit.
    4. Extra credit work will not be given.
    5. Excessive absences negatively affect grades and may result in failing grades.
    6. Prior to leaving school for a school-sponsored event, (i.e. athletic competitions, band performance, etc...), students shall turn in all work due that day to the teacher.


    RETAKE POLICY and RTI (Response to Intervention):

    • Quizzes can be retaken up to 2 times:
      • 1st Retake: Corresponding homework assignment must be 85% correct and must attend RTI session and the Quiz can be retaken with a ceiling score of 80%.
      • 2nd Retake: Corrections must be made for 1st and 2nd attempts
      • All Retakes must be done by the end of the current unit.
    • UUnit tests:  unit tests  can not be retaken

    TARDIES: 1st-3rd Tardies: Warning and tardy contract;  4th Tardy –Referred  to office for AP intervention.


    CHEATING:  The students of El Diamante High School are expected to demonstrate the belief that personal integrity is basic to all solid achievement and that it is the responsibility of the school to maintain a climate in which honesty is expected and valued. Cheating is an obstacle to achieving this goal. With regard to schoolwork, cheating is defined as obtaining or providing any help on an assignment or test where the intent was that the student completes the assignment or test by him/herself. If a student is determined to have cheated on an assignment, they will receive a zero and will not be permitted to make up that assignment.



    • Cell phones should be put away and turned off during class time unless told differently by Ms. Fleming
      • IF a cell phone is out during class I will ask student to put away.  If out again, I will request the student to give to me until the end of the class or day.  If the student continues to have cell phone out during class on other days, I will take it and write a referal for defiance.  Student and Parent will have to have a meeting with the learning director and myself about this matter.
    • Headphones should be out of sight during class time. This means they should be put away.